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Construction for largest solar array in Iowa underway in Dubuque

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Dubuque will soon be home to the largest solar array in the state of Iowa.

Alliant Energy has started construction on the project, which will span more than 21 acres and feature more than 15,000 panels.

The project will cost about $10 million, and will generate enough energy to power more than 700 homes annually.

The five megawatt system won't mean a huge difference on energy bills, but Terry Kouba, vice president of operations in Iowa, says it'll pay dividends in the long run.

"So the customers won't see a significant increase or decrease in their bills. What we're getting set for is the day when we're building many more of these, they're going to be larger, the cost is continue to go down, and then these resources, larger resources, will actually help reduce energy costs for customers," Kouba said.

He says this project will be a learning lab of sorts, as they continue to look forward to incorporating more renewable energy.

"So in the future, we are going to build more solar sites. They'll be larger, there will be more of them.  But what we'll do in the future as we're building these sites, we'll look back and say, this is where it began."

The site should start generating energy by the end of August.

They'll also be building another site--this one just one megawatt--near Dubuque's downtown.

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