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Alabama Football star visits his Cedar Falls elementary school

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Orchard Hill Elementary School in Cedar Falls....where he spent his kindergarten through sixth grade years. An imposing figure even as a youngster. Pierschbacher was also a gentle giant...

Terry Balthazor/Ross's Elementary Teacher "Even in first grade we had to have a desk big enough for him to put his knees under. I called him my gentle
giant because he could go out and cream anybody in sports in second grade and first grade and he played volleyball and let them win sometimes"

Ross Pierschbacher "Yeah growing up I was always the big kid but I never had any enemies--and no one really tried to pick a fight with me."

At Six-Four 305 pounds not many people look to challenge Pierschbacher---except on a football field where he does pretty well. Two National Championship game appearances in two seasons...Pierschbacher says he loves being at a place where the expectations are so high...

Ross Pierschbacher

We expect to be in it every year and a lot of programs would be satisfied to be where we were last year 14 and 1 and lost on a last second touchdown pass against Clemson but that wasn't good enough for us and heading into the off season we have made it a point to say that is not our standard and coach Saban has done a good job of saying that is not who we are."

And Ross has high expectations for himself...He is on track to graduate from the University of Alabama in just a little more than three years.

Ross Pierschbacher

Going into college I wrote down a list of goals and one was to graduate in three years and get my Masters and that was something that drove me in the classroom thinking about that and thinking about my future if I have kids and how to better their life ---it's not about me it is about my family

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