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Woman with one arm survives fall in Cedar River

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A Waterloo woman was saved after slipping and falling into the Cedar River last night.

Chloe Adams, 18, managed to swim toward a bridge near the Ice House and hold on, all with just one arm. She was standing on a large rock when water splashed up onto her feet, causing her to slip and fall into the Cedar River.

"I think I fell face first, but literally I just slid right in," said Adams.

Seconds after, she heard her friends screaming to make sure she was okay.

"I popped up, heard that, and then got sucked under again and then I came up and headed towards anything I could grab on to," said Adams.

Adams grabbed onto the bridge, trying to fight the current.

"I don't think there was anything I could do with the current so strong, even anybody else, I think the current just pushed me the right way," said Adams.

Once rescue crews arrived, Chloe's mind was at ease.

"I was really glad they were there," said Adams. "I felt like I was safe and I was gonna make it, but at times the current would get heavier and I thought I was gonna slip or something would happen."

Adams says this is a very scary and serious situation especially after learning a man also slipped and fell in the same spot.

"He literally slipped in the exact same spot that I did," said Adams. "He hit his head and he had a ton of brain damage and didn't make it."

Adams knows she could have had the same fate.

"Honestly I am just amazed of how I made it out of there...it's crazy," said Adams.

Adams says she had some anxiety being back near the river today, but she says she hopes they close off this entry way so something like this does not happen again.

Adams was taken to the hospital last night. She has no injuries, just a few scrapes.

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