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Blue Zones Project promotes healthy living

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Fridayloo kicks off Friday with the first-ever Mayor's Run and Walk, and city leaders are encouraging everyone to check it out, with hopes of starting a happy and healthy trend for people in the community.

Blue Zones project organizers are teaming up with city leaders to encourage everyone to get up and moving to promote the project.

The next time you walk into a school or business, you might notice a sign that reads 'Blue Zones Project.'

Irving Elementary P.E. teacher Cory Arensdor says it means taking a pledge to promote healthier and happier lifestyle choices while improving longevity through activities too.

"I'm a talker, so I'll start to notice that I'm going on with my lessons a little too much, and I've got to make sure that I cut it off and get those kids the exercise and physical fitness time that they really do need," Cory said.

Cory says he's been advocating the Blue Zones Project at Irving for a few years, and he said he's always finding new ways to keep healthy ideas fresh, whether it's students or teachers.

"Once you get into that rhythm, and you find new and exciting ways to get the kids and staff into it, it will keep going and going, and it will be more exciting for everybody," Cory said.

So far, more than 60 businesses and 22 restaurants in the Cedar Valley have taken the pledge, and their goal is to get even more people involved.

"We have an obesity rate that is epidemic. It's not just in Iowa. It's not just in certain states. It's throughout the country," Cory said.

The Blue Zones Project isn't just about schools and business, but community too.  

Organizers say there's been an increase in exercise on Cedar Valley trails and sidewalks, ever since the Blue Zone project kicked off.

"So the cool thing is, when you hear about it throughout the community that people know Irving is a Blue Zone School, because your staff and students are talking about it., and they're excited about it, it gets that going throughout the community that makes the program work so well," Cory said.

Organizers say a handful of schools are involved in the project, but they're hoping to get all schools involved sometime soon.

If you'd like to learn more about the project, you can click here

If you'd like to reach out to local organizers, you can send them an e-mail message at

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