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Blum and Cedar Falls crowd butt heads

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Last night, Congressman Rod Blum was in Cedar Falls for his third town hall of the week.

The previous two in Dubuque and Cedar Rapids featured frustrated and vocal crowds.

The Cedar Falls event was no different. 

"That's untrue; maybe, that is untrue," said Congressman Blum to one man accusing him of not attending committee meetings.

"We are not paying you to not attend your committee hearings. We are not paying you to throw tantrums in front of children on the news. If you don't want to do your job, can I have it?" said the man in response to Blum's claims he does attend committee meetings.

The back and forth between Blum and the crowd made it hard for some to get any value out of the town hall.

"Some of us wanted to hear the answers. We couldn't do that because people were sitting there yelling and being loud. It was distracting, if not plain rude," said Tony Krepsbach, who drove more than an hour from Stacyville to be at the town hall."

When the taunting back and forth did pause, health care was the biggest issue on people's minds.

Blum was asked why hospitals aren't in support of the health care reform bill he voted for?

"I don't know why. A lot of times there is hidden agendas. The American Hospital Association might be against something if they think they are going to make less money," responded Blum.

One Cedar Falls doctor stood up to talk about his experience with the health care system, but did not get the chance to speak.

"Since Obamacare started, I have had a rush of new patients who have insurance for the first time in their lives and are coming in for the first physical that they have ever had. They are coming in for their routine care. What these folks use to do was go to the emergency room of the hospital when they had a sore throat," said Dr. Ted Bonebrake, a Cedar Falls family physician.

This was just one of many health care and insurance related questions that dominated the town hall.

Roughly 800 people attended the Cedar Falls Town Hall.

Congressman Blum's next town hall will be tomorrow at noon, at Marshalltown Community College.

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