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Woman's last wish takes flight

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What is one thing have you always wanted to experience, but never gotten a chance to do?

That was the question posed to 85-year-old Gail Thompson, who has battled Multiple Sclerosis most of her life and was recently moved to hospice.

Gail's answer: fly a plane.

The staff at Heritage Care Center in Iowa Falls taking on that challenge and finding a way to make Gail's wish come true. 

Despite her condition, Gail Thompson is one upbeat, spite-fire-of-lady, who says fear has no place in her life.

"So did you want to fly this thing?" asked pilot Jeremy Heem. "Sure!" answered Gail, taking life by the horns or rather the controls in this case.

Showing no hesitation, Gail gets to live out one of her life-long dreams.

"I have always kind of wanted to fly," said Gail.

Gail has flown many times, but she's never been the pilot. "I like things that are kind of a challenge and this was one of them," said Gail.

 Two of Gail's sons were all smiles to see their mom's wish fulfilled.

 "Not surprising that she wanted to do it. She has always been kind of adventurous," said Gail's son Kent Thompson.

  Gail taking on the next adventure with excitement and a little humor.

  "I mean, lets face it, I am a Christian, if we do go gown, I go up," said Gail to the pilot.

   "It just feels really good. Well, you know, that is the other thing, so many people are afraid of flying or afraid of this or that and my dad brought us up to be very brave about those things," said Gail.

  "Well, shall we see if we can get this thing back on the ground? In one piece?" asked Heem

  "Oh, yea? Want me to do it?" asked Gail.

  Coming in for a landing with the force of Gale winds, Gail making her life-long dream a reality.

  "Now pull back nice and easy," said Heem.

  After her flight, Gail said flying was easy, joking she might even consider getting her pilots lesson next.

  Gail was born and raised in Ackley and raised six sons in Hampton.

  She is also a life-long piano teacher.

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