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Leighton Pullin walking on his own, months after coma

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An eastern Iowa boy is back on his feet, just months after doctors and police thought he might not make it.

Back in October, 7-year-old Leighton Pullin of Waterloo was hit by a pickup truck when he didn't look both ways before running across the street to a friend's house. He spent weeks in a coma with life-threatening injuries, but tonight he is walking on his own.

He went from weeks in a coma, to a wheelchair, to a walker, and now he's back on his feet. Referring to his wheelchair Leighton said, "I don't even know where it's at."

Day by day, Leighton is getting stronger.

Leighton's bus driver Douglas Thorn says, "I'm amazed by him. I did not think I would see him out of his wheelchair this year, but I came to pick him up one day and no more wheelchair!"

3 months ago, Leighton was released from Covenant Medical Center. He said all he wanted to do was get out of his wheelchair and jump on the trampoline. This week, he did just that.

"I jumped so high, the trampoline could have broke," Leighton said.

Anything he puts his mind to, he gets done. So, what's next for this tough guy? 

"I want to hit a front flip," Leighton says. 

Grandma Kathy says he is already trying it, but they are taking things one step at a time. He is currently living with his grandma and goes to therapy four times a week.

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