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Boy recovering from motorcycle accident

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An eastern Iowa boy is recovering after he was hit by a motorcycle last week.

Thomas Wilcox,11, says he was playing Pokemon Go when he walked between two parked cars before he was hit. The accident happened Friday near the New Bo area in Cedar Rapids. 

Thomas says he knows he was wrong and is thankful he is alive to admit that.

"I just remember I was hit by a motorcycle," said Thomas. He remembers the seconds before the accident happened.

"I remember seeing that motorcycle and I was hesitant whether it was a dream or not... I was like 'dad pinch me,'" said Thomas.

Reality has set in since then. Today, Thomas sees what the accident left behind, dozens of bruises and scrapes. Thomas says he is taking full responsibility for what happened, saying he never looked left or right before crossing the road.

"I just remember looking left and then I was out of it...I woke up in the ambulance," said Thomas. "I wasn't looking left or right when I was crossing the street...I was knocked out."

Thomas is all smiles just days after the accident, but despite the smiles and the jokes, Thomas knows he could have died.

"I'm gonna tell you I am probably one of the luckiest people in the world," said Thomas. "I mean I was ran over by a motorcycle."

His parents are equally as thankful.

"They said they're probably the happiest parents on the Earth right now considering I am still alive," said Thomas.

The bruises and scrapes will fade, but Thomas says he will always remember what happened. 

"I will probably remember it for the rest of my life," said Thomas.

The driver of the motorcycle has reached out to Thomas' dad, apologizing for what happened. Thomas says he is going to give that man a call and apologize for walking out in front of him.

Thomas is heading back to school tomorrow. He will have to use the walker for a few months while his ankle fracture heals.

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