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Younger Iowan lends helping hand

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Thousands of people have been pushed from their homes after tornadoes and massive flooding tore through southern states. One eastern Iowa girl is hoping to help.

Raegan Junge, 12, packed a few care packages and signed them with a red heart. Those packages are on their way from Keystone, Iowa to cities hit by devastating floods and tornadoes.

"It makes me kind of feel scared and nervous because it can happen to anyone at anytime," said Raegan.

Raegan is hopeful she can help some people, even though she is hundreds of miles away.

"I hope that the boxes will take care of their needs and I hope it will restore them and give them hope," said Raegan.

Flooding pushed Ashley Brigance and her family of four from their home in St. Louis, Missouri. Raegan is sending her family clothes for her two children after the flood water ruined much of their belongings.

"There's five feet of water inside our home," said Brigance.

Thousands of people have been experiencing the same thing.

"It's a devastating situation, but we are moving forward from here," said Brigance.

Raegan reached out to the Brigance family and many others to offer help.

"I think they underestimate me," said Raegan. "When my mom calls down and says, 'I have a 12-year-old girl who would like to help' I bet they are like 'whatever, it's just a 12-year-old girl' until they actually see what I do."

Brigance says she is thankful for Raegan's support and help.

"She's an amazing young lady...just reaching out to people and helping how ever she can with clothes or resources," said Brigance. 

Raegan is encouraging those affected to stay strong.

"Do not give up hope, there's always somebody around the corner to help," said Raegan. 

Raegan is working to send more supplies to Texas and Arkansas.

She hopes others will help too.

To find out how to get involved and learn more about Raegan's Tornado Relief Effort CLICK HERE.

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