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Some Iowans feel left out with new Medical Marijuana bill

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Some Iowans call it a step in the right direction. 

Others say it's not enough.

A bill that will likely become law by this summer would give more Iowans access to medical marijuana.

Right now only people in Iowa with epilepsy can use cannabis oil for treatment. 

That could soon change. The State Senate and House approved a bill the governor is expected to soon sign. 

It would allow people with medical conditions ranging from cancer and multiple sclerosis, to Chron's Disease and AIDS, to use cannabis oil. 

KWWL spoke with some in the Cedar Valley who are asking why they were left out.

Waterloo mom Toni Torres struggles with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. (EDS)

"Getting out of bed in the morning takes me 30 minutes. If I want a water bottle or pop, I have to ask someone to open it for me because I don't have any strength in my hands," she says. 

The condition that often leads to joint pain, fatigue, or skin problems.

"It's a connective tissues disorder," Torres says. 

Waterloo teenager Chris Warner also has EDS. He was once on the football team, but now he says, "I can't really go up stairs. If I do, it's a struggle." 

Both Torres and Warner expressed interest in using medical marijuana.

Now they're wondering why their medical condition, and others like Alzheimer's disease and PTSD were taken off the cannabis oil  expansion bill that passed.

A bill that had originally been approved in the Senate, had around 20 medical conditions on it that could be legally treated with medical marijuana oil. 

KWWL asked Cedar Falls representative Walt Rogers why the House decided to lower that number to nine medical conditions. 

He said, "We had the bill come over from the Senate. It was a broad bill, so a lot of us took a good look at it. It was because they had been vetted in certain states around the county. Some of the states have similar laws like this." 

Representative Rogers, who voted in favor of the bill, says the big thing with this bill is it will create a Cannabis Oil Advisory Board, turning more of the decision making power over to medical professionals in the future. 

This board can make recommendations to the Department of Public Health to change the medical marijuana expansion bill in the future. 

The board will have meetings throughout the year where the public can attend and ask the change. 

This bill has not yet been signed by Governor Branstad. He is expected to sign it soon.

People with medical conditions that are on the bill and that may soon qualify for medical marijuana oil, can contact the Iowa Department of Public Health.

They  can click here for a medical cannabidiol registration card program. 

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