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The sudden loss of their baby, driving one family's desire to help others

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The most unimaginable pain, the loss of a child.

Three-month-old, Knox Palmer died last December of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, more commonly known as SIDS.

Knox was a happy healthy baby who went down for his nap, just like he did every day, but this time, Knox didn't wake up.

His parents, now working to prevent other families from having to face that same loss.

"You know, your child, it is not supposed to happen like that. It is so helpless. It is a piece of you and it is a piece of you that is gone forever. There is nothing you can do to get that back," said Knox's mother Elisha Palmer.

Baby Knox is the La Porte City family's third child.

"Chubby, fat, little legs and cheeks. You know, he would just, oh, he laughed," recalls Elisha.

A light in the family and one that now shines to help others.

"It was almost immediate. We knew that we wanted to do something. It was such a devastating, helpless feeling and immediately is was, 'what can we do so other people don't have to feel this and they don't have to go through this or experience this?'" said Elisha.

 Out of the pain and loss, Knox Blocks was created in memory of baby Knox with a mission to provide families with an owlet, a high-tech sock that monitors the baby's heart rate, alerting parents to concerning vitals while the baby sleeps.

  "Had we had one for Knox, there was a good chance that he would be here today," said Elisha.

   Now, Knox lives on through the gifting of these lifesaving devices to babies across the country.

    "We have twins that are still in the NICU, they were also born prematurely and they have respiratory issues, so as soon as they come home we will be sending the Owlets to them. It is such a variety. Reading these stories, it is people that deserve them and maybe they can't afford them. If they could, they would have one and so we are just honored that in Knox's memory we get to contribute that and play a part," said Elisha.

Knox Blocks launched three weeks ago and already has more than 40 families they are helping from all over the nation.

When Owlet heard about Knox Blocks, the company committed to matching the foundation dollar for dollar.

The commitment making a big difference considering the $300 price tag; helping baby Knox protect twice as many babies.

If you are in need of an Owlet or wish to donate to the foundation, you can do so through the Knox Blocks Foundation Facebook page.

Elisha and the foundation board are organizing a big fundraiser event with live and silent auctions, kids activities, and live music, July 21st at the La Porte City Country Club. 


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