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Friends remember man killed in motorcycle accident

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The friends of Quinn Houlahan have a never ending list of good things to say about him. Houlahan was killed in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday, May 2.

"Never had anything bad to say about anyone and he was always down to do anything. He'd drop anything to just come out and hang out with his friends," Nate Kennedy said.

"Yeah, he was the type of guy that you'd call at 3 a.m. and needed help, that was the dude I was calling. He'd have your back no matter what," Gabe Wilkerson said.

"He was always happy. I've literally maybe seen him like mad or sad twice in my entire life, as long as I've known him," Kiefer Stone said.

Houlahan was on his way to Stone's house when he was killed in the crash. They were all in the backyard of his house when they saw Air Care fly in.

"I never expected it to be Quinn ever. Never ever. Getting that news like we said before it's literally like losing, like getting a phone call saying my brother is dead," Wilkerson said.

An hour south of Solon, in Washington, the Ruenger family is hurting. Their daughter, Sherrena Ruenger, was killed in September 2014. Like Houlahan, a car had turned left in front of her.

She left behind two young daughters and was four weeks away from getting married.

Houlahan's death feels like their wounds have been ripped open again, despite never have meeting him.

"Between Sherrena's accident and now Quinn's accident. It just breaks my heart. to know that it's something that could be prevented by people just watching out and looking," Ronda Ruenger, Sherrena's mother, said.

Both her family and Houlahan's friends have a message to drivers.

"It takes half a second. Check twice and that's not just for people in cars, on your bikes took. Take that half a second and look again," Kennedy said.

The Ruenger's have made it part of their life to raise awareness for motorcycles. Every year they put up signs for Motorcycle Awareness Month, which falls in May.

The signs have a picture of their daughter with the message,"Look twice for motorcycles; someone's whole world is on that bike."

"I wanted to make people aware of that there's a person attached to that bike. That there's a family attached to that bike," she said.

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