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Copy-Scam Alert: Google Docs phishing emails

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

A scary email phishing scam is spreading across the web today.

It involves receiving an email containing a link to a Google Doc. You're asked to open it up to view what the person sent.

Don't do it.

While it may appear that the email is coming from someone you know, it isn't. Below is how one looked that we received at the station.

Instead of going to Google Docs, it goes to a convincing fake Google Docs login page. 

What happens is when if open the doc (please don't), hackers can get control of email, which may mean they can possibly get control of your Facebook, Twitter, or other accounts.  It could also infect your computer or device with malware. It can also get a list of your contacts and continue to spread to other users and devices.

So the best thing you can do is delete the email unless you can guarantee it is from the person who sent it. 

We've received a number of these phishing emails this afternoon at WXOW. Schools also seem to be a target of the hackers as well.

If you want to check any apps related to your Google account, you can go to, go to Sign-In and Security, then Connected Apps. Take a look at any of those apps and delete any that may be suspect or any you don't recognize. 

"We encourage you to not click through, & report as phishing within Gmail," according to an alert sent out on the Gmail Twitter account.

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