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Tree limb smashes couple's RV

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A couple's RV is destroyed after a tree limb fell on top of it Saturday. Nearby homes were also hit.

It happened around 5 p.m. in a trailer court off Mt. Vernon Road in Cedar Rapids. Neighbors say it all happened fast. One minute they were watching TV and the next they heard a loud boom and cracking. One neighbor says she watched it all unfold out her window.

"I was looking out the window and they were helping them get out of the camper because it was smashed in half," said Arisa,neighbor.

The tree came down on the couple's RV, Arisa's home, and her two two cars.

"A tree is through my door and the whole back half of my car is smashed and the windows are broken out," said Arisa.

Next door neighbor Jacob McMann and his two kids were just feet away from the same fate.

"I was just laying on the couch just watching some TV and I heard a few branches hit the roof and then I heard a big crack and a big boom," said McMann. "I kind of knew it was the tree out there...and I took a look and it hit the neighbor and hit the trailer behind the neighbor."

The couple was able to get out all right, but McMann says it took some work, saying they were stuck inside.

"They were inside and the first thing I did was run out say, 'does anyone need 911?' and they said 'no, we are okay, we just gotta find a way to get out'," said McMann. "Apparently they were in the back."

For now crews are cleaning up the tree that destroyed the home and a car. Neighbors are happy everyone is alright.

McMann says he didn't stay at his house last night and he doesn't plan on staying there tonight either. He says he is waiting for the grounds crew to rip the whole tree out before he and his kids go back.

There is no word on where the couple is staying, but neighbors say they recently moved to that location.

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