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Iowa City groomer says accusations of animal neglect are false

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An Iowa City pet groomer is facing an Animal Neglect charge after police say he left a dog in a cage without food or water for three days. 

It allegedly happened at By George Pet Grooming. 

Police say the dog is alright but it appeared to be panting and distressed when officers were at the scene according to the criminal complaint. 

The complaint says police checked on the dog multiple times between Thursday and Saturday and the dog still did not have food or water in it's cage. 

Police took pictures and caught the incident on body camera but we are told that video is being kept as evidence right now. 

George Parker is the man facing the neglect charge, we spoke with him this afternoon. 

Parker told us the allegations are false in fact he says he is close with the dog owner and they have been doing business together for 12 years. 

He believes the complaint came from a neighboring business he thinks wants him out of the building they share. 

According to the criminal complaint George told police an employee had forgotten to feed the dog. 

George says he has received complaints ever since he moved into the building, telling us he thinks a neighbor has a problem with him.
He did not tell us who the owner of the dog is. 

We spoke with one man via Facebook Messenger who used to take his dog to see George often. 

"George has taken care of my dog on multiple occasions while I have been out of town, when I lived in Iowa City. He went through the trouble of housing my dog in his own home because of her anxiety issues. At his workplace, the dogs have had food and water available to them, every time I have been to take my dog. That's all I can comment on," wrote Mitch Soju. 

Iowa City police would not say who made the initial complaint.

If George is found guilty he could spend 30 days in jail. 
We reached out to the business next door and have no heard back. 

Iowa City Animal Control confirms the dog is back with it's owner.


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