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A one-on-one with Cardinal Timothy

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As a young boy from the Midwest, he always dreamed of becoming a priest.

Now he has worked his way up the hierarchy to be one of the most influential people in the Catholic church...not only in the country, but in the world.

KWWL's Amanda Goodman had the opportunity to sit down with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, for an exclusive interview while he was in eastern Iowa.  

He is known for his powerful and relatable homilies, infectious charm and has also been nicknamed "bear hug Bishop."

Many Catholics say Cardinal Dolan falls right in line with the direction of the church under Pope Francis, a distinction he is honored to have, because he says people are coming back to the church.

"The number of people who come up to me on the street in New York and say Pope Francis is bringing me back in...what I thought was important to get upset about before isn't. So this Francis effect is the real thing," said Cardinal Dolan. 

Cardinal Dolan says he will always defend what he calls, the Catholic church's "settled" questions: abortion, gay marriage, birth control, ordination of women and celibacy.

But for him, there is one issue that is not, and cannot, be black and white...and that is immigration...because he says, there are two extreme sides that people need to reject.

"There is one side we have to reject is that immigrants are bad, they're criminals, they are up to no good. Because we are all children of God. And having the idea immigrants are bad goes against everything in the Bible and it's unAmerican," said Cardinal Dolan.  "But the other side is let everyone in...we don't want to go there either. We need to have some checks and balances."

Cardinal Dolan encourages everyone, whether you're religious or not to do the same thing: practice tenderness and compassion.


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