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Student who prompted bathroom camera bill reacts to it passing Iowa legislature

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University of Iowa sophomore Kellsie Pepponi was concerned when she noticed a camera inside of the Iowa City Public Library bathroom. 

"I had never seen anything like that before," she told us. 

Pepponi wanted to see the cameras come down. 
"That's a clear cut violation you know for me it was a violation at least," she says. 

Pepponi worked with the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa (ACLU) to ask the library to take the cameras down in January. 

The library kept the cameras up, but soon they may have no choice. 

The situation prompted a bill that would ban public bathroom cameras in government buildings across the state. 

Iowa City Public Library Director Susan Craig says the cameras are there for security reasons and only show the common areas of the restroom. 

"We get all kinds of folks and things have happened in our public restrooms in the past," she says. 

The ACLU says they obtained some of the footage through an open records request and there was video of a young girl changing clothes and a woman sponging herself off. 
"If the worst thing they could find was a toddler getting their shirt changed or, and it's because they asked. They are the only ones who ever asked to see these images," Craig says. 

The bill has cleared the Iowa legislature and is headed for Governor Branstad's desk where it is one signature away from becoming Iowa law. 
 "Keep pursuing anything that you think is right and eventually you know, stuff is gonna happen stuff is gonna change," Pepponi says. 

 "It's gonna be the law and when it's the law we'll abide by it," Craig told us. 

The bill goes into effect immediately if Governor Branstad signs it, cameras will need to be removed by July 1. 

There is one exception in the bill and it's for public hospitals, if the camera is necessary to protect a patients safety or health during treatment. 

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