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Calling 911: Dyersville 1st graders learn valuable skill

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Getting the help you need in times of emergency could fall to the younger members of your household.

And that's why Mark Murphy, manager of Dubuque's Emergency Communications Center, is teaching Dubuque County's first graders when and how to call 911.

It's all part of 911 education month, which happens all April long.

But why first graders?

"It seems to be the age that they're starting to use their phone, starting to do more things with the phone, and it's a good age to teach them," Murphy said.

Murphy taught three classes of first graders at Dyersville Elementary School Wednesday morning.

Students learned the appropriate times to call 911.

"If a robber breaks into your house, if someone breaks their legs, or if someone's house is on fire," said first grader Kergan Mannemann.

And they also learned that calling 911 is not something to do as a joke.

"Cause if real people need help, then they can't get help right away," said first grader Chase Cannon.

Murphy says teaching these skills could save lives.

"They can get help to someone who's been hurt or hit by a car or something, and they get 911 called, and they get the help there, they can help that person and be a hero," he said.

Murphy says it's important for kids to know their address and phone number, so they can help give the dispatcher accurate information.

If your child doesn't know those things, Murphy says you should teach them.

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