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Bremer County Sheriff's Office: No threat to public after Tripoli attempted kidnapping

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The vehicle and suspect related to the report of an attempted kidnapping in Tripoli has been located, according to the Bremer County Sheriff's Office. 

They say during the investigation it was determined the children perceived the subjects actions to be threatening and acted accordingly. 

The investigation is ongoing, but law enforcement does not consider the suspect to be a danger to people in Bremer County and surrounding areas. 


Two young boys say they were nearly kidnapped Monday morning just yards from their home in Tripoli.

Deputies say a man driving in a blue pickup truck in Tripoli told the two boys he'd give them money to help him collect cans.

The boys say they were playing outside when the man pulled up and they immediately knew something was off. The nine and seven-year-old were nearly abducted Monday morning.

"We were just playing in the library parking lot and there was this guy," said Kohen Cooper, 9-years-old. "He stopped by and he asked if we could help this lady do cans."

The man then reportedly approached Kohen and his friend, seven-year-old Ryder Hansen.

"He offered us a ride and we said no and then he tried to come and walk up to us," said Kohen. "Then I took a hockey stick and I whacked him in the arm and then he got in his pick up and went away."

The attempted abduction happen at the public library, just yards away from where Kohen lives.

"I was scared," said Kohen. "I hit him right on the wrist and then me and Ryder ran to his house."

The boys are shaken.

"It's kind of bizarre that this is happening and I'm wondering why people would do this," said Kohen.

The boy's mothers are disgusted by what happened.

"There's just no reason for a grown man to approach two young boys and try to get them to ride in a just makes me feel sick thinking about what could have happened on my son's birthday of all days," said Kayla Bristow, Kohen's mother. 

Kohen wanted to continue to celebrate his ninth birthday Monday evening and says he wants to play with no worries.

"Put him behind bars because I don't want him to take anybody," said Kohen.

The boys say the man was bald, had no shoes on and was missing some teeth.

They say he was wearing a pink shirt and drove north out of Tripoli.

The Tripoli police chief says they located the truck in Chickasaw County, we will continue to follow this investigation.

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