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Area man faces multiple charges for nearly running over self-proclaimed street preacher with pickup truck

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Things turned scary on a downtown Galena sidewalk over Easter weekend. 

Tony Miano of Davenport, a self-proclaimed street Evangelist, was nearly run over by a man in a pick-up truck. 

"He hit the accelerator, and instead of continuing down Main Street, turned directly at me as I was standing on the corner," said Miano.

The man behind the pickup is 44-year-old Andrew Steil of Scales Mound, Illinois. In the video that Miano recorded, Steil can be heard shouting that "a permit is needed to preach on the street."

Steil eventually gets out the truck, and in the video is seen heckling Miano. "Aphrodite is the best. Zeus is my favorite God, I love Zeus."

The confrontation unfolding in front of dozens of tourists. 

Numerous business owners tell KWWL they're not bothered by Miano standing on the sidewalk preaching. The issue for them was the level of noise. "There's a such thing as freedom of speech, but not when it becomes a public nuisance. When it gets too loud, it's not fair to the people and not fair to us business people here," said Kate White, manager of the Dowling House Tours.

The police were called and Steil was taken into custody. 

Steil is charged with aggravated assault, obstructing a police officer, and driving on a sidewalk. He also received a citation for disorderly conduct.

Miano tells KWWL he felt threatened, but stood his ground.

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