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Hail damages Buckingham home

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A family's home was pelted by golf ball sized hail this weekend.

Saturday night's storm was quick, but left behind some damage at an eastern Iowa home.

The spring storm brought lightening, rain and hail to the area.

Large hail left a mark on some homes, including Randy Lowe's home in Buckingham.

He says some of the hail that hit his home was nearly three inches wide.

"We expected some hail, but nothing like we got," said Lowe.

The family says it sounded like their home was getting hit by bullets.

The hail made it's mark on the Lowe's home, cars and trailer. The family's brand new trailer was dented by the two inch wide hail.

"Oh it was real loud, it's hard to describe," said Lowe. "It sounded like our house was being shelled."

Easter morning they checked out the damage.

"It tore the screens off the windows and broke the siding," said Lowe.

The quick storm left its mark on the family home.

"It was so fast...we came in the house and within five minutes of coming in the house the hail had started," said Lowe. "It only lasted about five minutes and it was gone."

Lowe says he is shocked by what the storm and hail did.

"We knew it was going to be a heavy storm, but not something that was going to produce two and three inch hail," said Lowe.

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