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Fire damages Waterloo duplex

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A Waterloo home is badly damaged, but not destroyed, after a cooking fire spreads.

Firefighters say a woman was cooking Wednesday night and then fell asleep. That's when a fire started and spread to the other side of the duplex, where a family lived.

The fire happened at a home in the 400 block of Allen Street in Waterloo around midnight. Neighbors watched nervously as flames poured from the home.

"You could hear the glass cracking and then they just busted out," said James, neighbor.

The strong overnight fire blew the windows out of the duplex.

"It got so bad it busted out some of the windows and then it spread all the way down stairs and then later on it got the porch," said James.

Thursday the porch is covered in glass and debris and the home is charred.

LeeAnne Kisner, her boyfriend and her three kids were in their side of the duplex when she says she saw smoke.

"I came out the back door and went around the back of the house and looked in her kitchen window," said Kisner. "All I could see was orange through her was just totally engulfed in flames."

Kisner says her first thought was to get her four, eight and 10-year-old out of the burning home.

"They were sleeping and then I woke them up and just got them outside," said Kisner. "They didn't have shoes on so they were kind of freaking out because it was raining, then I put them in the car."

The couple says even though this wasn't their fire they have some smoke damage inside their part of the home. They say they don't blame the woman who lives on the other side of the duplex, saying accidents happen.

"I don't think we realized how bad it was at first," said Kisner.  

Kisner's boyfriends says he thought the fire was small, so he grabbed a one gallon bucket to attempt to put it out himself.

He says once he saw all the flames he knew he had to wait for fire fighters.

The couple says the landlord will most likely board up the home, meaning they will have to move.

As of right now they are just trying to salvage what they can from their side of the home.

The woman from the other side of the home was okay too.

Waterloo Fire says they have been responding to a lot of fires recently, but they say it's nothing unusual. 

They said some months it's busy and some it's not. 

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