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Longtime family-owned junkyard survives fire

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Thousands of dollars in damage is left after a junkyard inferno burns a Cedar Falls family business of 60 years. Aikey's Salvage yard in Cedar Falls lost 175 cars in a fire early Monday morning.

Owner Jim Aikey has been busy salvaging what is left after the fire was put out late Monday afternoon. 

"Just trying to clean up the mess," said Aikey. 

Aikey says about 175 of his cars were damaged.

The fire started from burnt office paper, a routine for Aikey employees every morning.  

"We put it in a barrel and burn it, it's just paper," said Aikey. "A piece of that must've blew out and I had a big stack of cars down the corner there, and it started on fire and man there were so many cars there was no putting out."

As firefighters worked to put out the fire, Aikey started to salvage what he could. 

"I was in the tractor moving cars, I had to make a split in the cars so the rest of them wouldn't have burned," said Aikey. "It melted my mirrors of my tractor."

The fire took out a section of Aikey's salvage yard, nearly missing a row of buses which Aikey says stores a lot of their car parts.

"I can't believe them fireman," said Aikey. "I tell you what, if it weren't for them, getting here when they did, it would've probably burnt my whole place down. This place started in 1953, and hopefully it'll be here for a while."

Cedar Falls Fire Chief John Bostwick says they used about 50,000 gallons of water just to fight the fire.

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