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Excessive Dumping: An ongoing problem

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Careless people dropping their trash on trash on the side of the road is an ongoing problem in Waterloo neighborhood.

The city and county can only do so much to fix it.

A truckload of trash was dumped on the side of the road earlier in the week near Osage Avenue and Skyview Road, and city workers have since cleaned up the mess.

However, there are still several discarded items people have littered.

City workers say it can be easily avoided for about 10 dollars, but neighbors say it'll probably just keep happening.

People who live and work on Osage Avenue on the edge of Waterloo say they're trying to run the area around, but no matter what they do, others still think it's a spot do ditch their trash.

Excessive dumping along Osage Avenue has been a problem since 1977.

Neighbor and developer Tony Barker said it's especially bad this time of year.

"It's actually getting worse. At the beginning of the year, you'll see actual refrigerators, dryers, tires you name it. Because, people are cleaning out their garages first thing in the spring, and they think this is a dump," Barker said.

Yesterday, it was unwanted furniture. Today, it's random trash.

Developers say it's especially hard doing business here, because they'll clean up the mess one day, and by the next, it'll be just as bad as it was before.

"Actually, we sit on our porch a lot, and we'll hear people throwing trash out like bottles and all kinds of stuff. It's a problem, and it's been going on, and it's not slowing down," Barker said.

Tony said he doesn't understand why people do it, especially since there are inexpensive resources like the Black Hawk County landfill to drop your trash.

"It is very frustrating. You just look around, and you're trying to better a community, and you're sticking your neck out and putting all your chips in one basket, and it's a big risk," Barker said.

City workers say you can take unwanted trash to the landfill six days a week.

If you have items that are too big, they are programs in place to pick it up for cheap.

If you call the city to pick up your unwanted trash, it will cost you about $10, but fines for dropping it off on the side of the road start at nearly $500.

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