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More details, 911 called during confrontation between Farley police chief & council member

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UPDATE: Council member Joe Erion returned our call. He says at this time he says no comment, but will be making a statement about this situation some time next week. 



A tense moment between the Farley police chief and a council member resulting in 911 being called.

The confrontation happening Monday night after a city council meeting. Farley city leaders not satisfied with the way chief Richard Wagner did his job, specifically after a burglary investigation.

Wagner recently told KWWL, "I thought alright, I've been through this before. I just responded answering the questions they had, but then it ended up being more escalated, and at that point I'm thinking, now I'm started being degraded as an officer," he said.

By the end of the meeting Wagner decided enough was enough and began packing his belongings. "And all of a sudden, my door swings open and I have one of the council members Joe Erion rushing into my office, asking me for my firearm."

At the time, the chief's wife on the phone with a dispatcher.

KWWL obtained the audio recording: "Any weapons that you're aware of?" asked the dispatcher. 

"Well of course they are, they got weapons on them, he's the police chief!" said Wagner's wife.

"I just said in addition to their duty belts, anything else?" the dispatcher responded.

"Not that I'm aware of."

Wagner further describes the confrontation with Erion. "At that time he says, I want you to get everything out of here cause you are done tonight. And at that time he was close to me, very close and I felt threatened. I really did." 

His wife sounding urgent on the call. "Send an officer out," she said.

"Ma'am we're sending help -- okay," said the dispatcher.

 Although Wagner offered a two weeks notice, he wasn't allowed to do that. Instead, he's now on a two weeks administrative paid leave. 

We reached out to city officials, but have not heard back. 

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