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Waterloo grandmother's home damaged in fire

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A fire destroyed a family's home Thursday morning after a breaker blew. 

The house, on Riehl Street in Waterloo, belonged to the family for more than 10 years.

"It was insane," said Ariane Clow, Waterloo. "It went from little flames to roaring in less than two minutes."

Clow was on her way out the door, heading to work when she saw the flames. 

"The minute I opened the porch door, everything from the stairwell up was just full," Clow.

The fire erupted in the front her her grandmother's home, sometime after the power went out. 

"We heard a breaker blow and you know the TV goes out and all that stuff so we go and try to flip on the breaker and think nothing more of it," said Clow. "We thought we just have to deal with it later... and then I am coming down for work, and right as I am leaving, the porch is on fire."

The fire took over the front of the home, covering it in a thick layer of smoke..

"You could really smell it at first, but right when you turned around and looked at the porch it was full of smoke...you couldn't see anything," said Clow.

As the smoke cleared the family could see the damage the electrical fire left behind.

"It's still not sinking in yet," said Clow.

Much of the home is charred and covered in a layer of grey.

"They believe it has smoke damage and there's definitely heat damage," said Clow. "A lot of things melted...the clocks look like Salvador Dali right now, but it may not be as bad as they say it is."

Clow is standing by her grandmother after the home they shared burned.

"She's taking it a lot better than I thought, but she's one of those people that likes to keep it all in until she's alone in that bathroom at night...so she's probably going to break down later," said Clow.

For now, the family is staying with relatives. They are waiting for the insurance company to look at the home before they decide what is next for them.

The family had a handful of pets. One cat and three rats died in the fire. 

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