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Linn County Auditor speaks out against voter ID bill

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Linn County Auditor Joel Miller is in Des Moines today monitoring the voter ID bill. 

The goal of the bill is to crack down on potential voter fraud through things like requiring ID's at the polls and signature verification. 

We spoke with Miller over the phone who says there are many things about the bill he disagrees with. 

"The fact is there's not that many people that cheat. I mean there has been one impostor that I'm aware of in the last four or five years and that actually happened in Linn County."

Miller says signature verification would be hard to enforce. 

  "That's gonna create lines at the polls, that's gonna create confrontation you know because there's gonna be arguments over that's my signature, no it's not, yes it is, no it's not," he told us. 

We are expecting a vote from the Iowa House on this bill sometime yet tonight. 

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