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Farley Police Chief resignation ends with 911 call after dispute with council member

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During Monday night's Farley City Council meeting, Police Chief Richard Wagner resigned from his position after his abilities were questioned by a council member.

"I gave 15 years to a city that I really cared for working for until recent events that made me feel degraded. So, I had no choice.I wasn't doing the citizens any good," Wagner said.

A special meeting was held Tuesday night where the city council accepted Wagner's resignation.

"I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to Rick for his 14+ years of service to the city of Farley. We wish Rick the best in his future endeavors. With that, I will entertain a motion to accept Farley Police Chief Rick Wagner's resignation," mayor Jay Hefel said.

Mayor Hefel declined to make any further comments about the situation, that his only comments on the matter were said during the meeting.

Wagner said he didn't go into Monday's meeting expecting his job to be called into question. He says it was done so by council member Joe Erion, who heads the personnel and public safety committees.

He says he was never approached to have a private meeting about the topic and felt the time and place was not appropriate. 

"Joe Erion said to the council that I want the council to be aware that the chief that we have now is really not a chief, he should be more of a police officer than a chief. He doesn't do a chief, he doesn't do a chief's job. That was pretty much the point of where I'd been degraded enough tonight. I think I've heard enough," Wagner recounted.

He said by the end of the meeting he offered his two week resignation after 15 years on the job. Afterward, he went to his office to begin packing his personal belongings. 

There, he says he was confronted by Erion, who he says was demanding his firearm.

"He says I want you to get everything out of here because you are done tonight," Wagner said.

The interaction escalated and Wagner's wife said she called 9-1-1 because Wagner was being threatened by Erion. Wagner agreed with his wife saying he did feel threatened.

The situation was diffused as Dubuque County Sheriff Deputies responded to the incident. Wagner said his frustration is largely with the fact that he wasn't able to finish his two weeks on the job.

Erion declined to make any comments about the 9-1-1 incident nor Wagner's position. He did say, however, that the city is still in good hands with it's policing, that there wouldn't be a lack in police coverage or response times.

Wagner will finish his two weeks on the job on paid administrative leave,

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