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Gun bill heads back to Iowa House after Senate amendment proposal

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In the Iowa legislature, a bill is moving forward that would bring many changes to the state's gun laws.

The Senate approved HF 517 Tuesday with a 33 to 17 vote and made several changes to the so-called "gun bill." The House had previously approved the bill. 

Some of the changes include rules and regulations if a person with a permit to carry moves to another Iowa county. If that happens, one of the amendments states the Department of Public Safety shall, by rule, specify the transfer of the permit to another sheriff's office for a renewal or duplicate permit.

Another change specifies that a parent or guardian of a minor 14 years old and younger, who the guardian allows to have a pistol or revolver, is strictly liable to someone who gets injured from the gun. 

One large part of the bill is a stand your ground provision. In regards to stand your ground, an amendment to the bill states if one uses deadly force, that person, or someone else, needs to notify law enforcement that deadly force was used within a reasonable time frame from when it happened. The amendment also says the person cannot hide, or try to get rid of, any evidence that deadly force was used. 

Other proposed changes include allowing peace officers to carry on school property, making both professional and non-professional permits confidential, and adding the DNR's approved Hunter's Safety Course to firearms training, which must include handgun safety. 

The bill now heads back to the House for another vote following the changes made by the Senate. 

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