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Loras student's cup trick gains national attention

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It's a trick that defies logic, and now it's getting attention nationwide.

Loras College freshman Jacob Beaton posted a video to his Twitter of a trick that seems to make no sense, but somehow works.

Beaton stacks two plastic cups you find in a cafeteria, and spins the top one.  Once he's got it going, he blows into the crack between the top and bottom cup, lifting the top cup out completely, and landing it in another cup.

"So I saw it on Twitter, and I saw something do something similar to it. And I saw them blow into the cup, and they didn't get it, and I was like, there's no way that works. So I came to lunch and tried it out and it didn't work, and I came to dinner and I obviously got it that night," Beaton said.

The reaction, priceless.

A group of guys, mostly track team members Beaton says, go crazy when the trick is completed.  One guy even lifts his shirt above his head in an unusual celebration.

Beaton's tweet has now been retweeted nearly 500 times and liked nearly 2,000 times.

It's a reaction Beaton didn't see coming.

"I think it's pretty funny honestly. I wouldn't have thought when I posted it that it was going to get news and publication like that. I figured it would go pretty widespread on Twitter, I had no doubt about that. But for it to be on NBC Chicago and USA Today's online publication, I think it's pretty cool and I think it's funny," he said.

Beaton was able to complete the trick again for KWWL's cameras--just the second time he's ever done it successfully.

He says people come up to him a lot on campus, asking about the trick. He says he's okay with being known as the cup guy.

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