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Iowa students help wildfire victims

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As wildfires continue to scorch thousands of acres of land a group of Iowa high school students are hoping to help where they can.

Saturday in La Porte City high school students loaded hay bales into a semi truck that is headed to Kansas.

Austin Frush and a few of his friends are determined to help fellow farmers that have been devastated by wildfires.

"I couldn't even imagine losing everything," said Frush, Union High School senior. "One day having it all and then one day a fire comes in and takes everything, I couldn't imagine that."

Frush and his friends are happy they can help.

"I feel good because I know that these people deserve this hay a lot more than we could understand," said Frush, "What they are going through down there is pretty horrendous...they basically lost everything, so if we can do a little bit to help them get back on their feet then I feel good about it."

All of the supplies will be taken to Kansas on Monday where five of the boys will stay and volunteer.

"There's five of us seniors that are gonna stay down there for a few days after everybody else comes back up," said Jack Ollendieck, Union High School senior. "We are just gonna stay down there and volunteer and build fences or whatever they want us to do."

The group hopes the hay, the man power and their support will help thousands of people devastated by these fires.

"It breaks your heart because that's what those guys have done their whole life and it's just gone," said Ollendieck, "Whatever we can do to help...even if it's just a little bit, it's a little bit that helps."

Area farmers are also holding a benefit for people affected by wildfires. The fundraiser will be held April 15 at the Grundy Center Community Center.

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