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Jeep catches fire

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 A 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee with low miles, pristine from the outside, but on the inside completely torched.

 "When I opened the door, it looked like Satan had been in my car. It was just all melted down all over my seat, and I was just dumbfounded at what had happened," said the owner Curtis DeGroote from Waterloo.

Inside the car, Degroote found melted plastic and burned leather. The fire was isolated to the front of the car and eventually burned itself out. The burnt car was cold by the time DeGroote went out to his car.

"The fire marshal had said that if I would have come out or my wife, who had seen the light of the fire flashing and thought it was my son's TV; if she would have walked out and opened the door, the car could have exploded which would have exploded the house and everything," said DeGroote.

 According to the Waterloo Fire Department, the fire was not intentionally set. DeGroote originally thought his small dog stepping on a button earlier that night might be to blame.

"I told the insurance guy that today, but he said he doubted that was it. So here I have been for a week blaming this little dog for burning my car up, but turns out he may not have done it," said DeGroote.

Instead, DeGroote says unofficially his insurance investigator believes the fire started near the outlets in the back of the center console.

The fire spread up the seats and to the front dash, but left the outside untouched.

"It looks like Satan was sitting in my car, it really does. I've never seen anything like it," said DeGroote.

Waterloo Fire Chief Treloar telling KWWL they do not believe the fire was set intentionally and insurance investigators may choose to have an electrical engineer look at the jeep.

Chief Treloar calling it is an unusual case.   

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