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Scammer threatens to kill woman and police

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Most everyone has received an annoying robo-call from a scammer, pretending to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime or threatening legal action if you don't hand over money or bank information.

A Cedar Falls woman said she's been receiving calls like this for months, but this week she caught a scammer off guard and he threatened to kill her and police.

Whether it's a robo-call or a person calling from another country with a disguised phone number, these pesky calls account for millions of dollars in fraud every year.

According to the people these people these scammers are calling, scammers are only getting more aggressive.

Michelle Danielsen of Cedar Falls has been inundated by scammers for months, and on Tuesday, one threatened her and police.

"Right away I said, 'this is a scam. I'm going to call police and let them know what you're doing.' He said, 'you call your police. I'm going to come there, and I'm going to kill you and all your police,'" Danielsen said.

After calling the two different numbers, one phone line was no longer in service, and the second call indicated it was a survey that had expired.

Michelle reported the threatening call to Cedar Falls police.

Since there's not much they can do because the caller likely used disguised phone numbers while calling from overseas, Michelle says people simply need to start screening their calls.

"I could feel the hate coming through with this man's voice. It's getting old, and I think we need to make sure we put a stop to this. We need to stop answering phone calls we don't know the number. If it's important, they'll leave you a message," Danielsen said.

According to reports, nearly 2.4 billion robo-calls are made every month in the United States.

Local authorities say people need to be cautious, and if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you receive one of these calls, authorities remind you to hang up and report it to police.

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