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Waterloo home no longer livable after gas leak ignites explosion

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A Waterloo home is no longer livable after an explosion in a basement Wednesday night. 

Today, Fire crews called-in the state to help find the cause of the explosion at a house near South and 9th Street in Waterloo. 

Fire crews say a woman and one of her three children were inside the house and made it out with minor burns. 

Witnesses say they heard a loud boom coming from the house, and windows on both sides of the home were blasted out. 

Waterloo Fire Chief Pat Treloar says it is a total loss with the structure of the home unstable after the blast.

Chief Treloar says the homeowners did smell a strange odor, little did they know, it was the start of a gas leak.

"It must have been a very large explosion because basically all the walls were lifted off of the foundation." said Chief Treloar. "It lifted the house up in a quick fashion and then it dropped, so it would have been something to see and to hear."

Chief Treloar says the woman living in the home turned on the stove and some time later an explosion erupted in the basement.

He says a gas leak fueled the blast. 

Neighbors, including Susan Eggleston, says she heard and felt the blast.

"I heard a huge boom and the house rattled and the windows rattled...we didn't know what it was to begin with," said Eggleston, Waterloo.

The homeowner's brother says he heard a loud boom Wednesday night and saw fire fighters rushing to his brother's house next door, he said he is thankful everyone is okay and so are neighbors.

"I am glad no body was hurt very bad because everyone in the neighborhood was worried about the children," said Eggleston.

Eggleston says she saw smoke after the loud boom and was forced to leave her home.

"A police man came running up and said, 'you need to evacuate immediately there's a gas leak get out now'," said Eggleston.

Chief Treloar says this is an isolated case. He says the homeowners can salvage some personal belongings, but will not be able to live in the house.

Were are told a mother and her daughter have minor injuries, but they will be okay.

Chief Treloar says the fire department has completed their investigation and has turned the home back over to the homeowner. 

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