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Driver doesn't report incident after hitting boy

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An eastern Iowa mother speaks out after her 12-year-old son was hit by the driver of a light-colored van while he was walking home from school in Hudson.

The boy says the driver stopped to see if he was all right, but she never reported it.

The hit happened near Eldora Road and Hall Street, which is a few blocks away from the Hudson school and close to their home.

Initially, the boy told the driver he was all right, but his mom says he needed to be taken to the hospital to be checked.

Fortunately, X-Rays indicate there were no breaks or cracks, but he was definitely injured from the hit.

Michael Shane, 12, says he's pretty sore after he was hit by the van.

His mother, Amy Melik-Israyelyan, says she's frustrated the driver just took his word that he was all right and left.

After the incident, Amy took her son to the emergency room to be treated for neck, back, and tailbone pain.

He also experienced damaged muscles after the incident.

"It didn't knock the wind out of me. It didn't knock me out. It just knocked me down. I was probably on the ground for probably a minute," Michael said.

Michael says he was rushing home after school to let his dogs out so he could meet friends at the library.

He went to go cross the street and noticed a woman in a light-colored van at the stop sign looking down.

She wouldn't move, so he went to go cross the street.

That's when she pulled out and hit him right in the back.

"Well, she did offer to call police, and I said, 'no, I'm fine,' because I guess it's just my natural reaction to just say, 'I'm fine,'" Michael said.

Despite the offer, Amy says the driver, who didn't leave her name or information, should have done more than just drive off.

"They just let him walk home, and I'm shocked about it. I'm not mad at this person. I'm extremely disappointed with the choices that were made, and I would hope that in the future, Heaven forbid this happen again, that she would make some different choices. It was my worst nightmare. I hate saying he's lucky, but he is lucky. Because it could have been worse," Amy said.

Amy said she called police to report the incident, and since the driver stopped, police cannot cite the driver for hit-and-run, since she initially stopped.

Michael will likely be back in school Thursday, and his doctor says it could take at least three weeks to heal from his injuries.

Amy says she doesn't want anything from the driver, but she does want her to know that her son wasn't all right following the crash, even though he initially said he was all right.

Amy says when she first took Michael to the emergency room, he walked inside, but by the time they left, he needed a wheelchair to get out the door.

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