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UPDATE: Dead cow, goats found in ditch

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UPDATE: The Delaware County Sheriff believes someone dumped multiple dead animals into a ditch in Greeley about 4-6 weeks ago.

KWWL counted at least 9 baby goats, one cow, and a bag filled with limbs inside the ditch on Monday.

It is illegal to dump farm animals on the side of the road like trash. If livestock dies on your farm, you must arrange for the animal to be collected and transported for disposal. 

The sheriff  says they are investigating the incident, speaking with local breeders who may have sold an animal to someone who does not know how to properly dispose of it.

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A few eastern Iowans are disgusted and angry after finding farm animal remains close to their home.

This is all happening in Greeley in Delaware County.

The remains of multiple goats and cows were thrown away like trash.

Barbra Forsythe and her family live less than a mile from where this is happening, and they are disgusted by what they have to see every day.

"I saw a goat in the ditch and then we stopped and looked and then we seen the other stuff," said Forsythe.

Items like tires, appliances and other trash have also been discarded in a ditch on Nature Road in Greeley.

Forsythe says she first noticed the animal remains a month ago.

"We've been keeping track for about a month and there's more and more coming," said Forsythe.

What started as a few turned into nearly two dozen, and Forsythe says she has seen nearly 20 dead goats.

Forsythe and her family are disgusted and frustrated.

"They keep on dumping here and we gotta look at it," said Forsythe.

Forsythe says she thinks someone is dumping the animal remains and trash over night.

She says this is something a neighbor shouldn't have to see.

"It makes me feel depressed and it looks crappy cause this is not a dump," said Forsythe.

Forsythe stresses the ditch is not a place to dump anything, especially animals. She has a message for who is doing this.

"Go and bury your goats and your calf and not throw them in the ditch," said Forsythe.

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office says they're aware of the dumping site and there's a deputy looking into it.

If you have any information about the discarded animals please call police.

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