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Dubuque police officer describes rescue, catching boy who jumped from window to escape burning home

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Officer Dane Cox Officer Dane Cox

Police body cam video captures the moment 7-year old Catonious jumps from a second story window of a burning home.

The brave boy caught by Dubuque police officer, Dane Cox. "I could see a lot of black smoke throughout the front window and there was a screen on the window and I could see the outline of a little kid," he said.

The fire happening Tuesday afternoon on the 2700 block of Jackson Street.

The boy's mother and another person running out. Catonious and his dog trapped by thick smoke. "It looked like he was holding a stuffed animal then I realized, it was his pet dog," said Cox.

"Toss the dog out, toss him...drop him, come on bud," officers say in the video.

Eventually Catonious does, but then it's his turn to go out the window. It takes some convincing from first responders. 

"Your instinct is to run in...run. Do what you can, but we just had training last week and you don't run in cause when there's that much smoke you're just gonna be another person for the fire department to drag out, so I had to come here and try to stay calm for him," said officer Cox.

Once Catonious made it out, he was covered in soot. He told police it hurt to breathe. He was treated for smoke inhalation. However, he is now okay.

Officer Cox says we can all learn from this house fire. Families need to have planned escape routes in case there are fires. 

Police Chief Mark Dalsing says it was great team effort between the mother, the officers, and the fire department to make sure Catonious got out safely. A matter of a minutes difference in the response times could have resulted in a much different ending.

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