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A closer look at Iowa's new red light turn law

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We are taking a closer look at a new traffic law in Iowa. 

The Iowa DOT says the law really just updates the previous law when it comes to turning right on a red light. 

When at a large intersection with two right turn lanes, both lanes are now able to turn right on red as long as they make complete stops and check for traffic, pedestrians and cyclist. 

Cathy Cutler, an Iowa DOT Transportation Planner showed us how it works. 

"If there is a gap and you can safely go and get to your errand, get to your job, go ahead and do that, so that's the change in the law," she says. 

Cutler tells us the new law is a way to help with the traffic flow and is only no allowed when a sign specifically prohibits it. 

Like before, drivers are able to turn left on red lights when going from a one-way to another one-way street. 

The DOT says many people thought turning right from the far right lane during a red light was legal before, this updates the law and matches the laws of many surrounding states. 

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