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Backlash over Hawkeye community college trustee's post

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An elected official in Eastern Iowa is facing criticism after a controversial political post expressing her opinions of the Governor. 

Teresa Meyer is a board member at Hawkeye Community College representing District II. 

Meyer recently took to her twitter account "Bernie-Certified," posting a photo of herself, giving the middle finger to Governor Branstad. In the tweet, Meyer wrote, "Race to the Bottom @TerryBranstad #waltrogers #sandysalmon #billdix "Here's to you!" #ialegis #saveiowaworkers #Union."

Despite the backfire from those who argue her behavior, as a representative of the college, shouldn't be tolerated, Meyer remains defiant of her post. 

"Just because I'm an elected official doesn't mean I gave up my first amendment rights," said Meyer. "I am a concerned mother and taxpayer and I want to get that message across."

Meyer, who is a registered nurse and a mother of a child with down syndrome argues the picture was the only way to get her message across. 

 "It's the only way to get attention," said Meyer. "It really is upsetting to see how they are dismantling the state, and they want to rob my freedom of speech? This is the only way I can communicate to tell the people that I'm a mother struggling, that don't know what's happening to my daughter."

Yet some are taking to social media, questioning Meyer's behavior. 

Tweets saying, "Disgraceful. Act like an adult on social media. No matter your political view or don't be in a position of power."

Others took to Hawkeye Community College's Facebook page saying, "This woman has been entrusted with precious public money to help further the education of our workforce and this is how she acts?"

Meyer's says she wasn't acting as a Board of Trustee member when she took the picture tweeted out from the event. 

"Governor Branstad has failed to protect and serve the people of Iowa," said Meyer. "He's thrown the health care system into a disaster. He has under-funded the educational system, the public school system."

KWWL reached out to Hawkeye Community College's Board of Trustees for comment. This is the statement they issued in response:

Teresa Meyer was elected to the Board of Trustees of Hawkeye Community College by the voters in District 2. In this particular situation, she was acting in an individual capacity - not on behalf of the Board of Trustees or the College. 

I would like to stress Teresa Meyer's actions and opinions do not reflect the views of the Board of Trustees or the administration of Hawkeye. The college has an excellent working relationship with our state leaders and we very much appreciate their ongoing support."

-Casey McLaughlin, Board of Trustees Chair  

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