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In the "danger zone" taking photos on the train tracks

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A 19-year-old was hit and killed by a train while taking pictures for a photo-shoot.

Her mother says the Texas teen was trying to launch her modeling career.

She was standing in between two sets of tracks when a train came by.

She tried to move out of the way, but was hit by another train coming in the opposite direction.

The tragedy serving as a cautionary tail for using train tracks as a backdrop.

It is a popular trend, even here in Iowa; putting many in the "Danger Zone," according to long-time photographer David Marvitz.

Especially on a bridge, "If a train came, you wouldn't have time enough to take in and run from one side or another," said Marvitz.

Forty years in the business, David Marvitz understands why tracks are used.

"I know the leading lines in the pictures look good, but it is not worth a life," said Marvitz.

 According to the Federal Railroad Association, in 2016, 650 people died while trespassing on railroad tracks.

"No trespassing" signs clearly mark most railroad tracks. Ignoring the signs could result in a fine or even an arrest.

 Iowa Department of Transportation partners with railroads to enforce the law.

 The DOT making a Facebook post last fall asking people "to find a safe and legal place to make memories."

"Yes, that is what I am hoping for, before this happens in Waterloo, Iowa," said Marvitz.

The Canadian National Railroad tells KWWL, educating and preventing people from being on the railroad tracks for any reason is an industry-wide goal.

The railroads working towards putting a stop to tragedies like the one in Texas.

For more information on railroad safety in Iowa:

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