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Couple goes 12 hours without water after water main break

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Water is back on for several eastern Iowans who were without it after a serious water main break Wednesday night. 

Thursday afternoon, crews finished repairing the water main that broke around 4:00 p.m. outside of Cedar Falls.

Workers say they were up late Wednesday night and were back early Thursday morning trying to restore water to customers.

"I went to go over to the sink here and I was gonna wash...wait a minute no water," said Linda Fobian, Cedar Falls.

Dirty pots are still sitting in Linda Fobian's sink from Wednesday night. She says at 4:00 p.m. she lost water.

"I go to the bathroom, no water, go to the other bathroom, no water...we got a problem," said Fobian.

Fobian then screamed for her husband, "Vern we've got trouble we don't have no water." She then called her water provider, Central Iowa Water Association.

"They said, as far as I know, somebody was going through something and they took a great big steal pipe and down it went through and there goes the water," said Fobian.

Central Iowa Water says contractors hit a water line on North Butler Avenue. Workers say the contractors never asked them if it was okay to dig in that location.

"They just can't go and start digging places and blowing water up to the heavens," said Fobian.

After 12 hours the Fobian's finally had water, but they weren't the only ones suffering.

"They went in there and boom...they hit it and I said to the lady this morning 'how many people are without water?' and she said, 'quiet a few'," said Fobian.

Fobian is hopeful crews will fix the problem and their water will stay on.

Central Iowa Water says most of the people affected now have water. They also say this could have easily been prevented if the contractors called before they started digging.

The water company says there was a sign just two feet from where the contractors started digging, saying there was a water main there.

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