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Gun bill with stand-your-ground provision advances in Iowa Senate

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A controversial gun bill, that's already passed the house, is being debated by a Senate committee today.

This gun bill is getting a lot of attention, mainly because of its stand-your-ground provision. 

The bill would let Iowans use deadly force if they feel their life is at risk.

Lawmakers who support this bill say it promotes self defense.

Those against say this leaves someone's life to a "judgment call." 

The gun bill includes several other changes, such as wording that would allow people to sue their city or county for creating gun restrictions.

Another change, kids under the age of 14 would be allowed to handle a gun,as long as someone 21 or older is watching them.

The supervisor will be held responsible for the minor's actions. 

Finally, it could  create uniform permit to carry statewide, eliminating county variations

Even if the bill passes the committee today, it won't become law based on that vote.

It still needs to be debated by the full Senate. 

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