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Iowa college works to address nursing shortage

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Looking to hire.

A national nursing shortage means college graduates are finding jobs right away.

Stephanie Short and Kirsten Riggle went to Kaplan University.

They found nursing jobs before they graduated. 

Right now, many hospitals not just in Iowa, but across the United States are looking for nurses. 

This is because there's a chance the nursing shortage could become a big concern in the next five years.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2022, there could be more then one million job openings for nurses. 

Stephanie and Kirsten telling KWWL, even though they're new, they've been put to work.

Sometimes they work extra shifts and longer hours, but both say they don't feel overworked and love what they do. 

Kaplan University's working to address the nursing shortage concerns.

They work closely with Iowa hospitals and reach out to not just college students but also high school students.

The American Association of Colleges of Nurses says there aren't enough nursing faculty at colleges and many nurses will retire soon.

That's what's causing the shortage.

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