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Iowans remember Robert Waller, 77

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Fans, friends, and family shared their stories after Bridges of Madison County author and famed eastern Iowan, Robert Waller, passed away Friday.

He was 77.

He's well-known for his book being made into a movie, then Broadway play.

The Iowa author certainly left his mark on the world, and people throughout the area say he never forgot where he came from.

He was well-known for the 1992 best-selling novel, and the book later became a movie with actor Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood.

Waller explained his inspiration during an interview shortly after his book was released.

"The actual book was written after I had been down photographing the bridges, the actual bridges of Madison County, Iowa," Robert Waller said.

"But, that book sold 50,000,000 copies worldwide, and probably in 35 different languages. Robert Waller transcends Iowa, doesn't he? He's a worldwide cultural phenomenon. So, some Iowans are going to reflect on Waller's life and his work, but Iowans are just a small part of this guy. He's a big big deal," Mike Dargan, with Waterloo Public Library said.

Dargan said he remembered Waller teaching business classes at UNI.

On UNI's campus in Cedar Falls, you can find several pieces donated by author Robert Waller, including his famous typed-script.

It was written in 1990, donated in 2015, and it's just a few of many memories this famous author leaves behind in Cedar Falls.

"I just remember him as I knew him. He was really smart, but he paid a lot of attention to detail. He cared a lot about the power of the increment -- the small things," Dargan said.

Friends and family confirm he died early Friday morning at this home in Fredericksburg, Texas.

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