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Drew Collins not giving up on Lyric & Elizabeth

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There is no connection between the murders of two young Indiana girls and Lyric and Elizabeth, at this time, according to Indiana investigators.

The Indiana girls' bodies were found in a wooded area after they disappeared last month while out hiking.

It's eerily similar to the case involving the Evansdale cousins, Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins, who went missing in July of 2012.

Their bodies were found months later by a couple of hunters at Seven Bridges Park in Bremer County.

Years later, no arrests have been made.

But investigators saying Thursday, it all appears to be a coincidence.

"At this time I can assure you we have spoken with the investigators in Iowa and at this point, it does appear to be coincidental that the two cases are similar. Based on the evidence we are not able to connect the two at this time," said Indiana State Police Sergeant John Perrine.

A possible lead to justice for Lyric and Elizabeth, now looking more like a dead end.

It is something Elizabeth's dad, Drew realizes as he pets Elizabeth's dog, Gus.

"We are not going to stop telling the story. We are just going to get it out there are much as we can," said Drew Collins.

Continuing to keep his girls at the forefront of not only Iowa's mind, but the nation; hoping someone somewhere knows just one little thing that will turn this case around.

 But for Drew, no connection to Indiana's recent tragedy is a frightening thought.

"It is even scarier, to me, that it isn't one person and that there are two people out there. It makes it worse that there could be two people out there that are capable of doing something like this," said Drew.

Two people capable of controlling two girls at one time, how?

A question Drew has asked himself countless times.

"If that guy would have grabbed Elizabeth and told Lyric, 'If you scream or make a sound, I'll do this to her,' she would have gone. She would not have left her cousin, I know that. I don't think Elizabeth would have left Lyric. Those people know that. They probably use that against them," said Drew.

Four girls, four families, hours apart both asking the public to help them find justice.

The grandfather of one of the Indiana girls speaking Thursday, asking for help to find the person responsible.

He says the girls were just out playing catch the day before their deaths.

"Our girls were excited about the upcoming softball season. Just the day before this happened they had their equipment out playing catch, working on their batting in the backyard, going to the ball field with Anna to hone their skills for the upcoming season but they'll never get to play a single inning again," said Mike Patty, Libby's Grandfather.

Patty says this tragedy has torn a hole in their families, that will never be healed.

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