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St. Vincent de Paul asking for 65K for new trucks

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An area non-profit is asking for $65 thousand to replace their trucks.

St. Vincent de Paul's trucks are used to pick up donations that are distributed at the stores to disadvantaged people in the area at no cost.

St. Vincent de Paul serves thousands of people in north eastern Iowa.

They say they travel all over picking up and dropping off donations in trucks that are quickly breaking down.

Many items are donated to St. Vincent de Paul.

"There's a lot of people that are hurting out there," said Keith Keirin, Waterloo. People who are in need of clothes, shoes and furniture. 

"I see a lot of people come in with needs and they get their needs met," said Keirin. "I believe this is an important place for the community and it's just a good place to come."

Most of the donated items get to the store, thanks to four wheels from two trucks that pick up and drop off donations.

"The trucks are on the road everyday picking up donations from private businesses and homes," said Executive Director Patrick Russo. "The pick up of furniture goes on literally everyday of the week and we provide most of that furniture to low income families at no cost."

Being on the road everyday is causing a lot of wear and tear on the non-profit's trucks.

"Both are starting to cost us a lot for repair and maintenance and they're just not going to last much longer," said Russo. "They weren't built to run as long as we run them."

Russo says they are crucial to the non-profit.

"St. Vincent has been doing this since 1950 quietly and the trucks are the life blood that make it all happen," said Russo.

Even the people that shop at St. Vincent de Paul and utilize the services, know this truck is important. 

"It's a big necessity," said Keirin. "That truck gets a lot of miles and I think it's about on its last leg the way it sounds."

Russo says the trucks are used for many other community projects, not just picking up and dropping off donations.

St. Vincent de Paul says these trucks help deliver over $130,000 worth of clothing, furniture and household necessities a year.

To donate contact St. Vincent de Paul at (319) 232-3366. 

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