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Update: Despite name and evidence, no arrest

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One Waterloo congregation is still looking for answers more than three months after someone broke into their church and stole a laptop.

Even though the burglar left behind a cellphone and a knife, and a pastor gave Waterloo police a suspect's name, police say no arrests have been made.

It all happened at Walnut Ridge Baptist Church near the Ansborough and Ridgeway intersection at the end of November.

There are more questions than answers even though Waterloo police were given a suspect's name and evidence.

Walnut Ridge Baptist Church Pastor, Jason Falck, said the church has since replaced his work computer and repaired the damaged window and door.

Pastor Falk says he had a pretty good idea who broke into his office and took his computer, even before police recovered the phone and knife from the church basement.

"And, I saw that stuff was scattered all over the floor, and the laptop was gone. I was sad about that, but I immediately suspected it had been a person in the church earlier that week, and they had not received the help they were perhaps hoping to get," Pastor Falck said.

Pastor Jason Falck says the person responsible broke in through a basement window that was easily concealed by brush and several hundred feet away from the Ansborough-Ridgeway intersection.

When they got inside, they left behind some pretty obvious evidence, including a knife and a cellphone.

"And, when I heard they had found a cellphone and some other things that had slipped out of the person's pocket, my first thought was your sins will find you out, and then I thought this should be a pretty quick case to resolve," Pastor Falck said.

But, that hasn't been the case.

We've been checking in with Waterloo police since the break-in, and authorities say there have been no arrests, and they don't have a person of interest.

"But, I'm just wondering what have they tried to do, and where is the person I assume (who did it) they've been looking for? Has he disappeared, is he gone, what's going on," Pastor Falck said.

Pastor Jason says the suspect's name was even in text messages on the recovered cellphone, and despite that evidence, the person has not been apprehended.

Pastor Falck estimates the person caused nearly $3,000 in damage, between items that were taken and broken.

Pastor Falck says he gave the a man gift cards a few times to use for food and gas during the summer and fall.

When the man stopped by the church to see Pastor Falck and asked for more gift cards back in November, Pastor Falck told the man no.

Later that week, the break-in happened.

We are not releasing the alleged burglar's name until Waterloo police make an arrest.

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