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When huskies escape: Dubuque dogs' antics catching lots of attention

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A trio of Dubuque huskies are garnering all kinds of attentions for their headache inducing skills.

Callie Gansen posted a video of her dogs escaping the kitchen on a Facebook page, and has since seen the views go way up.

The dogs have figured out a couple of different ways to get around the gate.

Gracie is a jumper, and has no problem clearing the gate.

Crimson, on the other hand, has actually figured out how to work the handle on the gate, opening it right up, and in the video, voicing his displeasure with his mom.

Kona, her third husky, seems content to follow the lead behind Crimson.

"No one usually believes me, and I just sound crazy when i tell them all the stuff that they do. So I decided to share it with everyone and show them," Gansen said.

Those skills came as a surprise to Gansen.

"I would come home at night and they'd be sitting on the couch, and didn't know how they were getting in here at first."

So to combat their skills, Gansen now has to stack a second gate on top of the first one, with enough overlap that Crimson can't open the bottom one anymore.

"It's been an adventure, that's for sure. They always keep me on my feet. They're always doing something different, digging holes, yelling at me, or chewing up toys," she said.

The original Facebook post has now been seen by thousands, and the Des Moines Register also featured the video  as part of their "Cutest thing you'll see today" feature.

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