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Senator Grassley on President Trump's address

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WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa made the following statement in reaction to President Donald Trump’s first joint address to Congress.                                                                  

“President Trump delivered an assessment of the challenges we face as a country, but he also outlined a call to action for Congress and the White House to work to address those many challenges.


“I appreciated the President’s emphasis on curbing harmful government regulations that are not only counterproductive but too often stifle the full potential of the American worker, farmer and entrepreneur. The Environmental Protection Agency’s poorly conceived ‘Waters of the U.S.’ rule is only one of many such regulations that do little to serve the interests of Iowans and pose a serious threat to local economies.

“I was glad to hear the President state his desire to work with Congress on a comprehensive overhaul of the federal tax code, which is outdated, and should be made fairer and simpler. Boosting domestic manufacturing should be a priority, as well as maintaining the integrity of existing laws meant to encourage the use of clean energy, such as the Renewable Fuel Standard. Renewable energy employs tens of thousands of Iowans and many others around the country. That ought to stay as it is and even improve.

“Like the tax code, any renegotiation of international trade deals must consider the agricultural sector of the American economy, which accounts for one in five jobs in Iowa and is the backbone of the rural economy.

“I welcome the President’s pledge to keep his commitment to work to repeal and replace Obamacare with a plan that increases access to quality health care and lowers costs for American families. Far too many Iowans face skyrocketing premiums, making quality health care unaffordable for them as this broken law continues to collapse. And the Administration and Congress should act to bring down the high prices of prescription drugs.

“I’m also glad the President kept his pledge to nominate a Supreme Court justice who is committed to interpreting law not making law, helping to safeguard our system of government with its three co-equal branches providing checks and balances on one another.

“I was heartened to hear the President reiterate his promise to protect our nation’s borders and enforce federal immigration laws to ensure that dangerous criminal illegal immigrants aren’t let loose on American streets. He’s also making sure that the victims and the families of victims of criminal illegal immigrants will not be forgotten. Through the creation of the Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement office, for which I have advocated, people like Sarah Root’s family will have a voice and a place to turn for answers as they seek justice against the perpetrators of crime against their loved ones.

“The President made clear that he is focused on rebuilding the nation’s military, infrastructure and economy and that he intends to keep his promise to put Americans’ interests first. I look forward to working with the President to put in place policies that help the American people succeed and prosper.”

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