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Trump's Address to Congress

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President Donald Trump is hours away from delivering his first address to a joint session of Congress. The President is expected to lay out his vision of fulfilling campaign promises. 

President Trump is calling this a landmark speech and a message, not just to Americans, but the world. President Trump will focus on the economy, immigration and healthcare in his speech tonight. 

"Obamacare's been a disaster, it's way out of control, it doesn't work. We're coming out with a healthcare plan that I think will be terrific." - President Donald Trump

Trump's Budget Director outlined broad brushes of Mr. Trump's first budget to congress. 

The most important item, the military. 

"We're gonna spread a lot more money on military, we really have to, we have no choice." - President Donald Trump

While military, homeland security, and law enforcement will see increases, the cuts will come from other agencies like the EPA and the state department. 

The President says social security, medicare and medicaid will be left alone.

"With this magnitude of cuts that once again middle class people, working families are going to be hurt." - Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

But it faces push back: 120 retired generals and admirals signed a letter questioning deep cuts to the state department saying the military will lead the night on the battlefield, but strong civilian partners in the battle against the drivers of extremism are just as important.

Democrats, and some Republicans, and watchdog groups caution against a huge increase in spending. 

"Their budget is going to do nothing to bring that debt back down to a manageable level." - Maya MacGuineas, Pres., Cmte for a responsible Federal budget. 

The President also makes the address while questions swirl about what influence the Russians may have with the administration and calls for a special prosecutor. 

You can watch his speech live on our website here:

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